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Animation Commissions

Motion Graphic Animation

Hello, thanks for checking out my commissions - please see full details here for more info!

The final price depends on various factors ( format / style, length, complexity etc) and will be agreed upon after discussion. Rates given below are estimates in USD.
Please note: minimum eta is 2 - 3 weeks, any deadlines under 2 weeks will incur a rush fee!

TierFormat ExamplesPrice Range
Shortspotify canvas, intro / outro, promo$50 - $150
Basicanimated subtitles, lyric video$150 - 300
Standardchorus style, story / pv style, game trailer$300 - 600
Complexanything more technically complex$600+


Feel free to dm me on twitter for any inquiries!
To request a quote, please complete and email the following form:

Subject = Animation - Your Name/Alias

  • Project Title:

  • Details: (type of video, any details to help me understand your vision)

  • References: (links to anything with the format or style you’re looking for)

  • Files: (downloadable links only)

  • Deadline: (optional, will be agreed on after discussion. rush fees may apply)

Please allow up to 72 hours for me to respond.


  • I reserve the right to decline a request and the final decision on any commission remains at my discretion.

  • 50% deposit must be paid to reserve a slot and is non-refundable unless I am unable to fulfil your request. PayPal (USD) only.

  • All files such as audio and art must be complete and provided in a downloadable folder (google drive, zip etc.) in high quality. Make sure you have permission to use ALL of these - I will not take responsibility for this.

  • Inform me of minor changes to the brief in good time. All orders include 1 set of revisions i.e a revised full preview, after which each additional set will be $10+ depending on the changes. Major changes from the original brief are also subject to an additional cost.

  • The final render will be exported once I have received the outstanding payment in full. At this point if for any reason you require a re-render, this will cost $10+ depending on elapsed time.

  • Please credit me for the animation as Kusa @haipeww with a link to my twitter

Vocal Mixing

Base prices are given below in USD (can vary depending on song complexity and add-ons)
Please note: minimum eta is 1 - 2 weeks, any deadlines under 1 week will incur a rush fee!

Group (3+ vocalists)$200+


Artificial Harms (per track)$20
Complex Vocal FX$20+